Area Health Education Centers – AHEC


The National AHEC mission is the national organization that supports and advances the Area Health Education Center (AHEC) network in improving the health of individuals and communities by transforming health care through education. A primary goal of the AHECs is to help identify local needs, and develop programs that will encourage health care professionals to practice in communities where their services are most urgently needed.

The mission of the Louisiana Area Health Education Centers is to improve the supply and distribution of health care professionals within the state through community and academic educational partnerships, in an effort to increase access to quality health care for all Louisiana residents.


The Federal AHEC Program began in the early 70’s and the Louisiana AHEC was activated in 1988 through a grant written by Louisiana State University Medical Center.

The Louisiana AHEC system began operation in 1988 through the efforts of the LSU School of Medicine which petitioned the federal government for funding. Four centers across the state were opened including North LA AHEC, Central LA AHEC, Southwest LA AHEC, and Southeast LA AHEC. The Louisiana Centers have all completed their six year cycles of federal funding and are now supported through cooperative agreements with the LSU School of Medicine.

LA Health Careers

LA Health Careers website is designed to give middle and high school students a list of healthcare careers in Louisiana and provide necessary information to aide in their decision on the next step. In addition, the top 10 careers are highlighted which identifies the critical health care jobs needed in Louisiana. It will include length of training required, schools in LA that offer the particular career, average salaries, interviews from these professionals and much more. We hope to give new information or options on a career choice so you may accomplish your dreams in a Louisiana health career.
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